Planet Vespa Restoration

Restoration details

Each restoration takes approximately 1 months time of dedicated work. As classic Vespa lovers ourselves we put heart and soul into each individual restoration. The end result is an immaculately restored piece of history that is mechanically sound and reliable. Our Vespas run as factory new, (or even better as many of the mechanical components are made from more modern and stronger alloys). Everything is brought back to new condition giving our Vespas another lifetime of reliable driving including: New 150cc reconditioned Piaggio Italian Engine, New 4 speed Transmission, New internal wiring, seals and trimmings, New brakes, New seating upholstery and all of the other components as listed below.

There are the 4 main steps involved in the restoration process:

The selection

First and most importantly is to find Vespas with solid chassis and frames providing a solid foundation for us to work with. Every week our scout truck brings back salvaged Vespas to our workshop for inspection. We discard all frames that are bent or have been in prior accidents, have rust or filler. We only restore and work with the very best frames.

Dismatling and prepare for restoration

The Vespas are then completely stripped down leaving only the free standing frames. The frames are then sandblasted down to a smooth bare metal finish using a specific media cutting agent for heavier gauge vintage metal. After re-alignment, a high quality 2 part epoxy rust inhibiting primer is then coated and bonded to the bare metal in preparation for the paint. Epoxy primer is used as a direct to metal primer (DTM) because of its excellent corrosion resistant properties.

Paint work

Baked on painting process hardened and cured in a specially designed oven. (paint cured in this manner has been proven to last longer and provide a more durable resistance to the elements) Industrial strength Automotive ICI paint provides corrosion resistance and insulation against rust. (people residing near the sea need not worry). Finished with several high gloss coats.

Assembly and testing

The newly painted scooter frame is then reassembled with all the new components as listed below.
Once assembly is finished the new scooter is then road tested for 100km to ensure the running gear
and engine are performing smoothly and at their optimum. The brand new classic scooter is then
ready for shipping.

New component include:

- New cylinder head
- New piston
- New rings
- New Dell ‘Orto carburetor
- New transmission (4 speed manual hand shift)
- New condenser & ignition coil
- New installation of all wiring looms with 12v electrical upgrade
- New steering head bushes and bearings
- New front and rear suspension
- New brakes
- New stainless steel exhaust system
- New rubber hoses, seals and trimmings
- New head and rear lights with new bulbs
- New Speedometer
- New Horn
- New Floor runners & rubber floor mat
- New chrome stand
- New seating upholstery mounted on twin saddle
- 3X new white wall tires with new inner tubes on 10 inch wheels*
- New Chrome plated hubcaps*
- New kick starter pedal
- New clutch and front brake levers
- New Tire covers
- 4X New Indicator lamps*
- New Stainless steel folding rear luggage rack or front folding rack with custom made
padded back rest*
- New chrome trimming and stainless steel body railing
- New chrome plated gas cap
- Every nut and bolt replaced with rust proof stainless steel