Planet Vespa - About Us

Welcome to Planet Vespa

We are a family run/owned business established in Ho Chi MInh City Vietnam since 2001. Before relocating to Vietnam we ran and operated two motorcycle repair workshops in Melbourne Australia. Our workforce moved to Vietnam with the unique and passionate vision of seeking out and restoring original vintage Piaggio Vespa motor scooters located in and around Ho Chi Minh City. We specialize in 1960’s models including: VBC’s, VLB’s and VBB’s. We are a workforce of skilled Australian mechanics, and are now the leading restorers & exporters of Vintage vehicles in Vietnam. Our experience is our edge with a collective 50 years in motorcycle restorations and repairs. As an Australian team living in Vietnam you have the advantage of buying a high quality restoration at an affordable price and at the same time feeling 100% confident in the
security & delivery of your scooter. Testimony to our success in both service and quality is the 100% positive feedback from eBay generated sales.
At Planet Vespa you can either custom build your Vespa from our accessories page, or select from our most recently completed inventory,(see catalog). Our quality is adapted to suit every individual's needs, providing purchasers with a large range of colours & styles for both paint work & and upholstery.



Why VietNam

Vietnam is populated with the highest number of motorbikes and scooters per capita in the world presently totaling more than 16.5 million. Its no surprise that vintage Vespas can be found amongst this huge and diverse range of two wheeled vehicles. Vietnam’s well known second name is: The Land of Motorcycles. From 1958-1971 the Vietnamese government set up a free trade direct shipping channel from Europe, during this time a great deal of Vespas were shipped in directly from Italy, predominantly by French business men realizing the massive market potential they could tap into. Vietnam’s ancient land is also known for its rich supplies of valuable antiques. Not only Vespas but many other vintage vehicles such as rickshaws, cyclos,mobylettes, Italian three wheeled cars and antique engine powered bicycles.

Vietnam is the star country for salvaging and restoring original vintage motorcycles and scooters.

Vespa Authenticity

We only seek out and restore Piaggio Italian made Vespas imported into Vietnam from Italy during the 60’s - 70’s. All our Vespas engine and chassis numbers match and are checked off against Piaggio’s original factory lists. The Vespas we restorre are 100% genuine items and that’s why they are a good investment. There are many websites that can be used to authenticate Vespas by entering the matching engine + frame numbers. The search will then reveal the year of manufacture and models details. See link below.

With Planet Vespa you can feel confident in knowing you are purchasing a genuine Italian made scooter that will increase in value.


Each restoration takes approximately 1 months time of dedicated work. As classic Vespa lovers ourselves we put heart and soul into each individual restoration. The end result is an immaculately restored piece of history that is mechanically strong and reliable. Our 5 layer backed on painting process hardened and cured in a specially designed oven, then finished with several high gloss coats, assures a long lasting rust proof finish. Our Vespas run as factory new.(or even better as many of the new mechanical components are made from more modern and stronger alloys). The Engines are stripped down to their casings and rebuilt with new components imported from Italy. Everything is brought back to new condition including: New 150cc reconditioned Piaggio Italian Engine, New 4 speed transmission, New internal wiring, seals and trimmings, New brakes, New seating upholstery and much more. For a complete break
down of what goes into our restorations please see our restoration page (as there isn’t enough room on this one)

*With our fully qualified/experienced Australian staff we’re able to bring
you guaranteed quality of workmanship. All our work is mechanically
guaranteed. We have a 100 day warranty free delivery
of parts activated from the day you pick up your Vespa form the port.

Warning - read before buying from the Internet

There are some restorers in Vietnam that take tired and worn out Vespas and just give them respray without doing anything to them, then sell them in that state to the unsuspecting. All the components are worn out even before you make the purchase. These are what have given Asian restorations a bad name.

Look out (be wary of) ads that are written in pigeon or poor English